European craftsmen have hand buffed and oiled a collection of fine hardwoods for centuries in a tradition that is still widely used today. Our specially formulated European Hardwax Oil is applied by hand to produce a subtle and unique matte luster. Also, with a variety of distressing practices, we are albe to create a vintage European White Oak floor with its own distinct personality. However, our devotion to tradition does not degrade the quality or our products. Instead, we have merged tradition with modern techniques and production. Our cuttin edge milling facilities assure that each European White Oak board is milled to the highest level of precision and excellence, while our time – tested methods of treating and finishing the oak provide a “vintage” or aged look.

Our European White Oak comes in a range of grains and finishes, in solid or engineered boards, and we also carry a variety of color options and parquet patterns. European White Oak flooring can be glued, nailed, or floated. An 11-ply cross laminated Baltic Birch core composes the construction of our engineered product and provides outstanding stability. It also comes with a thick 7/32” top-layer and can be re-sanded several times. All boards are approximately 13/16" x 7" or 9 1/2"and come in lengths from 6' to 7'.or 8' to 9' depending on the width.

European White Oak